1 ounce Pure Beeswax
1 ounce Pure Beeswax
1 ounce Pure Beeswax

1 ounce Pure Beeswax

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Pure local beeswax from cappings. These are perfect for making your own lip balms, lotions and salves. Already in easy one ounce sticks.

Common Uses for Beeswax

There are literally thousands of ways it is used in manufacturing, crafts, healthcare, industrial applications, etc, etc. These are just a few that you can take advantage of in your home. -Carolina Honeybees

  1. making natural wax candles
  2. easy sliding wooden drawers
  3. as a sewing aid
  4. makes zippers zip
  5. sealing envelopes with wax
  6. make your own furniture polish
  7. prevent bronze tarnishing
  8. natural scented wax melts
  9. make herbal wax sachets
  10. use it in canning to seal jars
  11. beeswax for leather care
  12. make natural food wraps
  13. spoon butter
  14. a natural non-stick pan coating
  15. easier grill clean up
  16. makes shop hand saws work smoother
  17. lubricate wood screws and nails
  18. traditional water proofer
  19. use it to make fire starters
  20. make your own lip balm
  21. ease cracked heels
  22. homemade dog paw balm for Rover
  23. make a luxurious body butter
  24. DIY Lotion or Soap
  25. use it in hair care or beard balms
  26. create your own salves & Natural Vapor Rub
  27. coat reeds of woodwind instruments
  28. protect surface of tambourines
  29. batik art
  30. used to make natural non-toxic crayons
  31. use for plant grafting
  32. waxing your snow skis
  33. waterproof matches
  34. improve fly fishing technique
  35. it reduces friction on bow strings
  36. great for preserving leaves
  37. make traditional Christmas ornaments
  38. many applications in the cosmetic industry