Surprise beeswax food wrap box
Surprise beeswax food wrap box
Surprise beeswax food wrap box

Surprise beeswax food wrap box

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Surprise! It's been a few months since I made beeswax food wraps. Here is a great selection of cute patterns. I've got them boxed and ready to go. They will either be a box of

1 large and 2 small

2 value packs (2 medium, 2 small)


6 small wraps.

And you know I'll throw in a couple other small surprises. Free shipping!!

I've got them all mixed up and ready to ship. So you will get one of those combinations. It's hard to combine these with other items on the website so these are stand alone orders and can't be combined with anything except these surprise wraps. Yes ypu can order multiple boxes and I can tape boxes together to ship. This is also a cute way to send someone a little happy gift. They will have a card included that explains about and care for the beeswax wraps. 

Limited supply and ready to ship immediately. 

I love using our beeswax food wraos every single day for covering leftovers, bowls of rising bread, lunches, half am apple or melon, a block of cheese and much more. They are reusable and long lasting. They are antibacterial, antimicrobial and as organic as possible. They last a few years and after that are easily conpostable or cut to make amazing firestarters. Enjoy, and thank you!