Wholesale Food Wraps
Wholesale Food Wraps
Wholesale Food Wraps

Wholesale Food Wraps

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Bulk options available if you want to sell these in your store. These small wraps come cut and folded and ready for your packaging. I can help get you started on how to make labels for them. Retail piece is $4 each. Good margins for you to add something unique, helpful, timeless and beautiful to your boutique or shop. Let me know if you have a tax ID number and we can remove tax for you. 

You're responsible for shipping. That price will be determined at completion and be a separate charge that will be paid before we ship. Price varies by location. Product will ship within 1 week after fabric choices are agreed upon.

You can choose TWO different styles, 100 of each for a total of 200 wraps.

 Please email us with any questions. 



Beeswax Food and Cheese wrap. Reusable food wrap that you use in place of plastic wrap. Safe, sustainable, and local.  My amazing mixture of beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil that took me 3 years to perfect.

These small size are perfect for covering a small block of cheese, a bowl, half an apple or avocado, making a small bag to put chops in for lunch, covering a bowl of leftovers or a melon. Cant find that Tupperware lid? Use this! Only want to eat half a melon? Take some jerky on the go? Keep your cheese the perfect consistency?

Use it in place of where you would use plastic wrap, over and over again. Simply wrap around and cover the desired item and use the warmth of your hands to mold it together.

Do not use with raw meat. Simply rinse with cold water to clean.  Patterns vary. I know you will love these! Go green and use less plastic.