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March/ April Farm Days and Classes

Special sales for the week of March 15-20th: The freezers at our meat locker are needing to be replaced so we NEED to sell some MEAT! Sales for the Week will be: 20% off all Roasts. Bison, Happy Pig and Grass Fed beef.$20% off ALL BLUE ORCHARD MASON BEE HOUSES AND LOOSE BEES March 17th 2021 (St. Patrick's Day, feel free to dress up!)- FARM DAY! The entire farm is open for you to roam and see ALL the animals. We make ourselves available to bring animals out to love on. Especially babies.  Fruit tree pruning demo 1:00 Native bee hands on Q&A anytime between 2-6pm March 24th 2021- 6-7:30 Homestead Cold Process Beeswax and Honey Soap Making. $25. Includes hands on class with...

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