Farm Days, Rules and Address

updated January 2024
We are located at 4386 W. Portneuf Road, Inkom Idaho.

Hours: They change seasonally, we will always have updated hours in our google listing and our instagram bio when we are open. Currently Monday- Saturday 9 am to 7 pm. Closed Sundays. 

Please park facing south so you face the woodpile OR the pallet fence. This ensures ample parking for all and great turnaround space. Please watch for kids, ducks and the turkey.  
Our "Bee Barn" is the little green log house/shop. It is honor system and self serve. We prefer Cash, Check or Venmo. We can run a card, just call us. We can not guarantee that we will be available to run a card. More info in there on the whiteboard. 

PLEASE keep door to Bee Barn closed at all times. We prefer to not let the bees, flies, cats, dog or different air temp inside. Please supervise your children. They must have an adult with them to be in our sales barn and outside for our farm and their safety. We've had too many things damaged. Remember, this is our home. 

You are welcome to see the animals in the pens in front of our house or that are visible without going or going through any fences or gates. This is for yours and the animals protection. Please do not climb or hang on fences. We ask that you not go to other parts of the farm and yard except for designated Farm Days. Us being open pretty much all day, every day and having people roam everywhere, is tough, and a huge liability and you might not realize that we have many visitors throughout the day, It is difficult to spend a half hour with each group when you come so we can't guarantee you a personal tour. 

On designated "Farm Days" we have things more appropriate for more visitors. We make ourselves available to show you animals, let you pet and hold them and answer questions. Non "Farm Days" we can't guarantee you our time, this is a working farm and we have may chores to make it run. 

How do you find out when our farm days are? Sign up for our newsletter. It's at the bottom of the main page. I will send out a newsletter once or twice a month with schedule for the month and sales. But honestly, the best way is instagram and facebook. I will create posts and events. 

What additional questions do you have that I should list here?
Our dog is sweet, her name is shadow. She likes being an only dog and is not nice with other dogs. Please do not bring dogs to the farm.