Wholesale or Custom Order Request

Wholesale or Custom Order Request

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Subit your custom order for exact shipping or a wholesale order here.








Custommake sure to put in order noteswhat you would like, quantities and scents if applic. Iable- 
























We are able to do wholesale orders. Minimum of $350 required. That doesn't mean 1 of one item, 1 of another, that is case prices and bulk orders only. Since all items are local and handmade and I also have a farm, young kids and business to run. I am happy to do wholesale orders but know that I might have other commitments and that lead time may take up to 2 months to produce. It completely depends on your order and how much I like you. Kidding, not kidding. But kidding.
































The best thing is to get our wholesale sheet (email me at THEFARMANDHIVE@gmail.com and request our wholesale form. Those prices are not set in stone and we can work with you to vary those depending on your order frequency, location, items ordered etc. 
































































For wholesale orders, we receive payments via CHECK so we don't incur additional credit card fees. If you want to pay by credit card, know that our fees for that will be added to your total. We can deliver if local and usually combine it with other trips/errands but of you want your product asap, know that farm pickup is best. 
































































We are adding new items ALL THE TIME. Thank you for being a part of Farm and Hive and our beautiful farm products. 
































































You can also submit an order through here, I like this because it shows up in my que and isn't just an email that gets buried. Check our wholesale list and then at checkout there should be a place for notes, write me a note of what items and quantities you want. |This listing has no price and make sure to choose the "local pickup" shipping option so your submittal is 100% free. Still got questions? Call me 801-244-6994 -Susie at Farm and Hive