Mother Mary - beeswax candle
Mother Mary - beeswax candle

Mother Mary - beeswax candle

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I just had a baby so when I saw this beautiful depiction of Mary holding a baby Jesus, I knew I needed to get it, even just for me. A simple reminder, set on the shelf of not only our saviors love, but of a mother. 

A reminder. 

Adoption is close to my heart. My husband was adopted. His mother is his MOTHER (and he is so much like her) but just because you don't have your own physical children yet, doesn't mean you are not a mother. Maybe right now you're a plant mom. A cat or dog mom. That you're the "Mom" in yoir group of friends, always looking out for everyone. 


For all the mothers out there, here is to that moment where it's just you.....and that baby. 

Candle is about 5 inches tall and weighs about 5 ounces.